Mako Oil Products

Fraser Engineering is proud to be the New Zealand distributor of Mako Oil Products, a penetrative lubricant that also inhibits corrosion and nourishes wood, vinyl, plastics or leather.

Mako Oil is a totally natural product and contains no synthetic lubricants. Whilst the exact nature of the formulation is a trade secret,
we can tell you that it contains absolutely NO Mako Shark oil or products.
The oil is a by-product of food production, the left over frames of filleted fish are compressed to obtain the oil.
We love using the refillable sprayer better for the environment and less expensive for you.
Mako Oil was developed in Far North Queensland in 1995 at Mission Beach a regional, coastal town to address rust, corrosion & lubrication issues that the humidity & salt water pose to moving parts & metals.

There are thousands of uses for Mako oil. It’s used every day in the automotive, aquaculture and marine industries, also by sugar mills, on farm equipment, metal fabricators, rubber, leather, vinyl, polishing stainless steel, as well as around the house and in the workshop.