Fraser Engineering is a high production, CNC manufacturing engineering plant. We have a large number of CNC machines that help us produce all our designs to the exact millimetre, and with the quality that we have developed with our customers.


CNC Router

7000mm x 1980mm Bed Size 400mm clearance for 3D – 750mm Z travel 9Kw to 22 Kw high torque spindle – 24000mm/min speed 10 tool rotary carousel Touch sreen controller with wireless remote For aluminium, plastic and wood sheet machining  


We can finish and protect your metal products to your desired colour with our Powdercoating department.

Pipe Bending

Our CNC Pipe Bender can bend the following pipe sizes and radius for you; Tube Size 6-8mm MS Wire 16mm Pipe 19mm Pipe 25-25.4mm Pipe Radius 12mm 45mm 50mm 60/30mm


3-5 Axis Mill-turn Lathes Doosan Lynx 220LMSC (Ø70 MAX turning area 150-500mm stroke length) Multi-spindle – Live tooling Mazak Integrex 300-IIIST (Ø760 MAX turning area 1500mm stroke length) Multi-spindle – Live tooling – 5 Axis Okuma Genos L300E-M (Ø200 MAX turning area 850mm stroke length) Live tooling


  Fraser Engineering have a Fabrication department, which can house small and large scale assemblies for building. We also fabricate in our major assembly departments that have over-head cranes for large scale builds.            


2 Axis CNC Lathes Hitachi Seiki HT 20R (Ø210 MAX turning area x 380mm stroke length) Okuma LB-15 (Ø250 MAX turning area x 500mm stroke length) Okuma LB-300 (Ø370 MAX turning area x 500mm stroke length)  


We have a new anodising department that can provide an anodised coloured finish to your metal products.  


Fraser Engineerings Platng department can plate Silver and Tin to your products. We also provide Anodising and Zinc plating facitities

Turret Punch

Amada Turret Punch (200kN) can punch the following materials and sizes for you; (Max cutting area 4m x 1.27m) Mild Steel – 0.7-3mm Aluminium – 1-5mm Copper – 0.5-3mm Brass – 0.7-3mm Stainless Steel – 0.5-3mm


We can assemble anything that needs to be put together for you, our assembly department can assemble, stock and ship your assemblies anywhere in the Australasian region. Our qualified staff can also develop schematics for you to follow for ease of installation or for whatever your product needs to get on its feet.


3 Axis Milling Machines Daewoo Mynx 500 Stroke limits (X,Y) 1020mm x 500mm x (Z) 600mm Doosan DNM 650-II Stroke limits (X,Y) 1270mm x 670mm x (Z) 625mm Robodrill T14 iA Stroke limits (X,Y) 500mm x 380mm x (Z) 300mm 4 Axis Milling Machines Mazak VTC 200-B Stroke limits (X,Y) 960mm x 510mm x (Z) 650mm Robodrill T10 C Stroke […]

Sheet Metal Bending

Amada Press Brake (900KN) can bend the following materials for you; Stainless Steel 0-6mm Mild Steel 0-6mm Aluminium 0-6mm Brass 0-6mm to the following raduis 0.6mm 5mm 6mm 15mm


Fraser Engineering can weld Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium. We have high precision equipment to aid in critical weld assemblies that require a high tolerance.

Laser Cutting

Amada Laser Cutting (4000 Watt) can cut the following materials and sizes for you; (Max cutting area 3m x 1.5m) Mild Steel – 1-12mm Aluminium – 1-6mm Brass – 0.7-3mm Stainless Steel – 0.5-16mm Acrylic – 1-10mm